When you’re equipment needs outweigh your capital budget it’s time to consider the flexibility of Loeb’s used equipment financing and leasing options. We specialize in providing leasing programs and long-term financing solutions custom-tailored to fit the individual needs of our customers.

We provide equipment leasing to most industries including the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Chemical industries, specializing in most types of manufacturing equipment such as packaging equipment and processing equipment.

Loeb offers equipment leasing options on individual pieces of equipment and machinery and has the ability to providing equipment financing on groups of equipment, no matter the size.

Benefits to Leasing Used Equipment

  • Conserve Cash and Improve Cash Flow
    An equipment lease can free up capital needed for profitable investment in your business. Improve your cash flow and gain possible tax advantages by leasing or renting used packaging or processing equipment.
  • Overcome Budget Limitations
    Equipment leasing lets you get the equipment you need at low and manageable monthly payments that help you maintain your capital budget.
  • Fight Inflation
    A lease lets you use the extended term to pay for today’s needs with tomorrow’s dollars. Loeb’s equipment lease, your payments are consistent over the duration of the lease agreement, no matter how much prices and interest rates rise.
  • Simplify Surplus Assets and Minimize Obsolescence
    With an equipment lease you never have to worry about selling your surplus assets when your production means change. At the end of your lease with Loeb, you can often trade in your equipment for machines that meet your current needs.

For more information on how Loeb can assist you with your equipment leasing and financing needs, contact sales@loebequipment.com and a financing specialist will contact you.