An affiliate of Loeb, Loeb Term Solutions offers equipment term loans for industrial manufacturing machinery and equipment. Our expertise in the daily valuation and disposition of industrial assets allows us greater ability to capitalize on the values within complete plants and facilities.

Loeb Term Solutions specializes in working with banking and other financial institutions whose clients no longer are able to meet standard covenants and are in need of cash or to restructure debt. Our term loans offer a means of financing for companies in need of leveraging their complete facility. Our ability to lend directly on the Forced Liquidation Value of the assets allows for greater opportunity to unlock cash equity.

Loeb Term Solutions’ equipment term loans are structured for financing complete facilities, and are ideal for:

Financial Institutions, where-

  • Clients that are in “Special Assets” and lender is experiencing lender fatigue
  • Clients no longer meeting your lending criteria or new directives
  • Struggling client needing assistance your financial institution cannot provide
  • Client is in a Bankruptcy/Turnaround situation or is restructuring
  • Brings more rapid conclusion to what may be an expensive on-going situation

Business Owners, where-

  • Business changes that have put the company out of covenants with their current financial institution
  • New business development or start-up Expenses
  • Product expansion or rapid growth
  • Restructuring of debt
  • The need to strengthen your credit position
  • Bankruptcy/Turnaround situation

Equipment Term Loans from Loeb Term Solutions

  • Range of funding from $300,000 to $3,000,000 depending on the equipment and financial situation
  • Funding in no more than 4 weeks from date the due diligence fee is received
  • 100% Amortization over 48 months
  • Term Loans can be pre-paid at any time with decreasing pre-payment fee

Advantages to Working with Loeb Term Solutions

  • Loeb is a well-known and trusted leader in the industrial marketplace with over 130 years and 5 generations of application knowledge extending across numerous industries
  • We are a multi-faceted organization specializing not only in financing, but also in: Equipment Sales/Purchases/Rentals/Leasing, Auction Sales and Asset Disposition, Equipment Liquidation Services, Certified Market Appraisals
  • We can provide financing in less than 30 days from receipt of executed term sheet and due diligence fee

For more information on Loeb Term Solutions or speak to a representative regarding Equipment Term Loans, call (773) 548-4131 or email