Loeb Term Solutions recently participated in funding a 40 million dollar equipment term loan providing working capital to a Southern heavy civil construction company.

This opportunity was brought to us by a lender that we brought into a previous opportunity we had that we wanted to share.

Participating with other lenders to provide financing to a credit facility this large is something Loeb is doing more often and would love to hear from you if this is something that interests you as well.

Whether it’s Loeb Term Solutions who brings other lenders into large fundings or LTS participating with other lenders, we enjoy working with other professionals to share expertise and resources for the benefit of all involved.

How can we help you provide the maximum funding amounts to your clients??

Customer: A South Central Heavy Civil Construction Company

Financial Situation: The working capital will be used by the client to restructure existing debt and includes a collateral pool of over 2,300 pieces of various industrial equipment.

Solution: Loeb Term Solutions provided a $5 Million Dollar Term Loan on the equipment valued in excess of $51 Million.
We finance all types of businesses because  we know asset values!
Over $150 Million Worth of Equipment Financed!
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